COVID-19 Updates

Newest COVID-19 Updates at Stride for July 2022!

  • We are no longer pre-screening patients prior to their appointments based on a June update from the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta. Our team at Stride will continue to do self-assessments for COVID-19 symptoms prior to the work day and we ask that our patients do the same before their appointment.
  • Masks are recommended but not mandatory for patients during their time at the clinic. Our practitioners will be continuing to wear masks based on the close proximity of our work and the cumulative time we spend with patients. Our assistant staff have been given the option to wear masks based on their comfort and limited time exposure to patients.
  • You will be required to wash your hands or hand sanitize when entering and prior to leaving.

We are still following additional infection control guidelines from AHS, the CMOH, and our regulatory bodies.

If you would like to book, please feel free to call our clinic at 403-343-8891.

Yours in Health,

Your Stride Team