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Treating babies, kids, and teens is our passion!

Our team of experienced professionals aim to provide exceptional care in a fun and engaging way for your kids, aged 0-18 years old. Our goal is to support kids and their families to care for themselves and achieve their full potential.



Stride’s Pediatric Physiotherapy services include a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your child’s concerns. By taking the time to listen to you and your child, we are able to make a full treatment plan to ensure your littles hit their goals. Treatments may include manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, exercises and education. Especially for infants and young children, therapy is often integrated into daily tasks, parent interaction, positioning and play.

Providing one-on-one assessments and treatments in our private pediatric room with lots of fun toys and games to ensure your little ones are comfortable and engaged in their rehab.

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Other Services

Infant & Pediatric

Infant and Pediatric Massage is a specialized area of Massage Therapy that uses gentle and soothing massage techniques designed specifically for babies and children. We understand the unique needs and sensitivities of young bodies and strive to create a safe, calming, and loving environment during each session.

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Infant Massage

Infant Massage Therapy is designed for babies aged 12 months and under. It primarily focuses on teaching parents and caregivers how to administer gentle manipulations of soft tissue at home on their infants by our experienced massage therapist. Not only does this enhance bonding and emotional connection between the caregiver and the baby, but it is also aimed at:

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Pediatric Massage

Pediatric Massage Therapy is aimed at infants and children ages 1-9. It involves the gentle manipulation of soft tissue to promote the health and wellbeing for your little ones. Our massage therapist is specifically trained to adapt techniques according to your child’s age, size, and developmental stage, ensuring a comfortable experience.
This niche massage can assist with:

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Our Kid Team

Experienced practitioners to help your kid recover

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What Parents Say About Us

If I could give a few sets of 5 stars I would, I've been getting treated by Jen for several years now, and it has changed my life around. Going from doctors, chiro and some massage therapists all telling me they didn't know what was going on. Saw Jen and immediately came to a solid conclusion and devised a treatment plan that has worked. Got me off of all my pain meds and now to the point of just managing my symptoms.

Vittorio C.

I had an exceptional experience at the new Stride Physiotherapy clinic! Blake and Jen are friendly and welcoming. What a beautiful space in such a great location! Blake was so helpful in getting rid of some aches and pains that have been slowing me down from doing the activities and racing that I love to do! I feel i can trust them to keep my body working in optimal condition.

Linzee K.

Professional, cozy, clean, and modern clinic! I like that the treatment rooms were more private than most other clinics I have been to. Jen and Blake are knowledgeable and motivated to give you the best treatment to meet your personal goals. Booking is so easy online, I would highly recommend this place!

Jessica C.

I’ve visited them for a few injuries/aches and pains. The appointments have helped immensely to get me moving the way I want to and continue to live an active lifestyle. They have also helped me to be proactive by recommending some maintenance to do at home to prevent the same issues from happening again. Super friendly and helpful staff!

Blair C.

Stride's new physiotherapy facility is an exciting opportunity for the community to get access to top notch health care! Adding a facility with experienced professionals is always a plus for patients, reducing wait times for treatment - not to mention the updated equipment and services offered.

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