Michael Kirby at Stride Pysiotherapy

Michael Kirby

Mike is an ultramarathon runner who followed his passion for the sport to become a physiotherapist. Originally from a small town in Northern Ontario, Mike came to Alberta for other work and discovered trail running in the process. He returned to school and obtained a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree (University of Calgary) and a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy (University of Alberta). He has been working as a physiotherapist since 2017.

Mike began his career as a physiotherapist in Calgary, working at a busy clinic and gaining experience working with many different conditions and injuries. He has been coaching runners for 10 years and has experience helping runners with running-related injuries, injury prevention and performance. Mike is licensed to perform dry-needling (IMS) and spinal manipulations. He has a hands-on approach to treatment and uses it in combination with therapeutic exercise.

Outside of work you can find Mike with his family and running on the trails. He has run many 50km, 100km and 160km+ races and continues to add more to his resume.

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