Sharon Slate, Psychologist at Stride Pysiotherapy

Sharon Slate, Psychologist

Counselling has always been Sharon’s calling. She feels grateful for the opportunity to help people discover their personal power and overcome obstacles. She loves what I she does! She thinks that the best part about working with people is helping them uncover their spark. Over the past several years in her career, she has been increasingly drawn to more of the positive side of wellness. Sharon has focused her additional training in the areas of meditation, self-compassion and spirituality.  This has definitely changed how she works with people; going beyond a problem and focusing on what inspires people to reach their potential.


Sharon has been a Registered Psychologist since 2006 and has had a diverse career working in many different settings through the years. She loves connecting with people and exploring the world. She spends her down time with her family, in nature, and recharging with yoga and meditation.

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