RAPID NeuroFascial Reset (NFR), is a neurologically based,  active, therapeutic technique that addresses the central nervous systems role in alleviating tension and restrictions within the body. RAPID NFR aims to decrease nerve hypersensitivity and restore the body to its normal state. It addresses pain and limitations in the body with the goal of enhancing range of motion, relieving pain, and decreasing inflammation. RAPID NFR addresses the body’s perception of threat and danger. By bringing the brain to safety, most painful conditions and Range of Motion restrictions disappear. Some conditions that can be improved with RAPID NFR Lower body include:

-Plantar Fasciitis
-Knee Pain
-Quad and Hamstring Pulls
-Low Back Pain
-Sacroilliac Dysfunction
-Shin Splints-Baker’s Cysts
-Arthritic Joints
-Pronation and Supination corrections
-Pubic Symphysis Release

Stride practitioners offering RAPID NeuroFascial Reset (NFR)