Exercise Prescription

Rehabilitation (Rehab)

At Stride Physiotherapy, we believe in an active approach to recovery and rehabilitation. Involving the patient in the rehab process is crucial to completely resolve issues and prevent the recurrence of injury. Rehab exercises are aimed at improving body mechanics, correcting muscle imbalances, restoring functional range of motion (ROM), and regaining pre-injury muscle strength and endurance. We create individualized programs suited to fit each patient’s needs, functional status, and personal preferences.

Exercise Therapy by Stride Physiotherapy in Red Deer

Pre-habilitation (Pre-hab)

Pre-habilitation involves the same exercises and concepts as rehabilitation, but is designed with the goal of injury prevention in mind. Prehab is used to analyze, identify, and correct problematic movement patterns and postures that can lead to potential injuries. This notion can be applied to all members of our community including workers, athletes, seniors, and children. Prehab should also be implemented prior to surgery as increased ROM and strength lead to better post-surgical outcomes.

Sport / Activity Specific Exercise

In the later stages of rehab, sport or activity specific exercises are given to reintegrate patients into their specific activity. Sport and activity specific exercises help to simulate the normal forces and stresses a patient is expected to experience in their activity and lower their risk for reinjury.

Stride practitioners offering Exercise Prescription