It’s National Physiotherapy Month!

By Jennifer Goehring, Physiotherapist

Well, it’s that time of year again! May is National Physiotherapy Month and you guessed it, we are celebrating! This is our 3rd year of annual fundraising for an initiative that is near and dear to our hearts.

Giving back to the Red Deer community has always been a primary mission and pillar of the Stride team. Every year around this time, we partner with an organization to fill a need that directly impacts Central Albertans and the clients we connect with everyday.

How We Are Giving Back to the Red Deer Community

This year, we have partnered with The Lending Cupboard in Red Deer to donate an important piece of equipment that benefits both our clients and the community. The Lending Cupboard is a charity in Red Deer who lends a variety of medical and rehabilitation equipment to anyone in need. It was originally founded in 2006 in someone’s garage with a vision to allow everyone access to medical equipment at no cost, but now operates with over 15,000+ pieces of medical equipment in 6,500 square feet of operation.

Most people have suffered an injury at some point in their life where they have needed equipment such as crutches, a wheelchair, an air cast, and so on which all happen to be expensive for their short-term intended use. In addition to cost, this type of medical equipment seems to take up extra space in our homes and never get used again! It’s why we align so well with The Lending Cupboard’s vision of providing access to equipment for anyone in need while also recycling and reusing quality products.

What is a Cryocuff Machine and How Does it Work?

Jen was fortunate enough to sit through a meeting in early 2020 where Janice of The Lending Cupboard spoke about the demand and need for a piece of equipment called a cryocuff. A cryocuff is an ice unit that provides cold compression around joints. It looks like a mini cooler with a hose and ice pack on the end of it. Cryocuffs aid in quicker recovery from the pain and swelling after surgery. They are particularly useful and strongly suggested by medical professionals following surgeries like a Total Knee Replacement and ACL surgeries. To purchase one outright costs close to $350!

At this current time, The Lending Cupboard has 32 total cryocuffs in their inventory. In the first quarter of 2021, they have already loaned out this machine 81 times. At any given time, there is often a waitlist of 2-10 people! This is all with the number of surgeries lower than normal due to COVID-19. The Stride team has committed to donating an additional 3 units to help to address the demand. Following this donation, The Lending Cupboard would love to have another 5 units. We are hopeful that this year is just a starting point for how we can help this organization!

Why Our Team is so Passionate About Physiotherapy and Rehab

Now that we have shared a little about one of our passion projects for this year, we would love to share a little bit about our team members. After all, it is National Physiotherapy Month, and our rehabilitation team has their own motivators that allows them to show up everyday to provide you with exceptional care! We asked each of them, “What does your profession mean to you?” and “Why are you so passionate about what you do?” Below you will find some great insight and quotes from our team!

My passion for Physiotherapy started by getting injured during athletics and I had a rehabilitation team help me fully get back to my activities. My motivation for going to work everyday is to pay forward the same kindness that my therapists extended to me in the past.

– Blake Goehring

To me, Physiotherapy means restoring, maintaining, and improving people’s ability to do what they love most. Whether it be engaging in a sport, playing with grandchildren, or doing what is necessary for home/work life, Physiotherapy can help! It also means providing people with the tools and knowledge to engage in their own well-being and recovery. It’s much more than what is done within the clinic walls! I am passionate about my job because I get to work alongside amazing patients to create goals and crush them! It’s so satisfying to see short and long term progress in a rehabilitation journey. Each patient becomes stronger in their own way, which I love being able to witness!

– Julia Towers

Physiotherapy is the means in which I get to engage with my community to make meaningful healthy change. I am passionate about Physiotherapy because I get to play an important role in remediating and promoting healthy physical lifestyle choices for my patients, friends and family.

– Eric Walper

“To me, Athletic Therapy means to help others towards living a healthier and pain free lifestyle. This is accomplished through treatment, but also the patient learning about their body! I am passionate about what I do because it gives me an opportunity to relate to others through a trusting relationship and working together to achieve a common goal of rehabilitating their injury.

– Morgan Walper

Physiotherapy to me is about helping people get back to the things they love and improving their quality of life by making changes in their overall function. I am passionate about my job because I can help people get back to enjoying day to day activities, whether it is sports, family, traveling and many other things!

– Devan Mercereau

One of my favourite aspects about my job as a Physiotherapist is being able to connect with so many people in different walks of life to help them achieve their health goals. Physiotherapy is all about perpetual movement to me – keeping people active to enjoy any activity they love!

– Jen Goehring

Massage Therapy is the healing of the body and mind through touch. I’m passionate about it because nothing feels more rewarding than helping a person heal and get back to feeling amazing again!

– Cheyanne Heyn

My passion for Massage Therapy comes from the people I get to spend time with everyday. The relationships I have created and the fact that I have been entrusted with their care and wellbeing means a great deal to me. I love that I get to call massage my career and that I’m able to help along the way.

– Krista Tait

If you want to learn more about any of our clinic updates and initiatives, feel free to follow along with us on social media @stridephysiotherapy or click here to book with one of our awesome team members!